For those interested in prints, select images are available through IMAGEKIND. It's a great place to order customized prints by the type of size and paper or canvas you choose. They also offer framing services.

Other sites like REDBUBBLE and TEEPUBLIC have select designs available as T-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise.

For signed prints, select limited pieces are available on eBay. These tend to cost more, as I sign and number these personally, and they're limited to a certain number of copies.

A few original paintings and drawings are available for sale, and I've listed them below. They appear here in their final form, many with some digital adjustments/flourishes, but I can provide photos of the originals upon request, and pricing is negotiable. Please email me if interested. 

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The Fellowship

2002-2003 Oil on canvas. 48" x 24" First experiment with oils. Project for self-promotion.

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