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my art portfolio


Click on the images for more information on select pieces.

My interest in set and production design happened almost by accident. When I went to Vassar College, I felt their studio art program was somewhat lacking (though their art history courses were outstanding). I was in one drawing class for ONE DAY, and dropped out knowing that I'd hate it with a passion. A drama major suggested an alternative: set design coursework. And this began a wonderful new path.


The instructor, Thaddeuz Gesek, quickly became a good friend and mentor. Though I haven't used what I've learned from him to the extent that I should, his teaching was invaluable. And unlike drawing intro, I don't think I'll ever know as much as my set design professor. And so, with deep respect to "Thad", here is a sampling of some of my old designs.


Sadly, Mr. Gesek passed away in the summer of 2003; my tribute to him, published in the Vassar Quarterly, can be found on my DEDICATIONS page. His son Stefan, who I finally met after all these years, now works as a professional production designer; I think his dad would be proud.

my personal website & blog

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