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April 1, 2021

After nearly twenty-five years of living and working creatively in California, I've decided to change careers and embark on a new path: resurrecting my family's once proud whiskey label, which previously met an untimely end during the suffocating rise of Prohibition.

This 184 proof whiskey, with natural cinnamon flavors, is distilled for the most discerning & disgruntled curmudgeon.

Like its namesake, McDANIEL WHISKEY blends flavors from Scotland and Ireland, though the exact history remains a contentious matter among certain willful family members. It has been proven to possess certain medicinal properties, is ideal for family use, and has a curious effect on forging friendships.*

Those interested in taking pre-orders, please contact me. A full project proposal can be provided upon request. I look forward to your business!

Disclaimer: Not recommended for nervous persons, individuals of a distemperate demeanor, women with child, responsible clergy, or those of a cruel disposition.


*It can also destroy them.
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