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Award-winning graphic artist, filmmaker, and screenwriter. Seasoned creative professional with expertise in leading high-profile entertainment projects, including directing a documentary feature, project management, marketing, creative design, animation, copywriting, and web design.  Proven ability to drive creative endeavors, foster talent, and deliver on strategic goals. Extensive experience in post production; further experience in education and student mentoring. Received over 40 honors from screenwriting competitions and festivals; published book author and produced podcast writer.





Vassar College

Poughkeepsie, NY

Received Bachelor of Arts Degree | Major: Film

  • Graduated Cum Laude in Materia Subiecta.

  • Recipient of The David C. Magid Memorial Prize for academic excellence in film studies and creative achievement in cinematography.

  • Won multiple student film festival awards, which received national coverage.


Don Bluth University

  • Year-long training under Don Bluth (The Secret of NIMH, An American Tail) in traditional, hand-drawn animation techniques; character design, backgrounds, layout, and storyboarding.


Studio Arts

  • 2D: Advanced Photoshop Techniques, After Effects, Illustrator, Graphic Design, Matte Painting, Toon Boom.

  • 3D: Blender, Unreal Engine, SketchUp.

  • Editing: Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve.

UCLA Extension

  • 35mm Film Editing, Cinematography.





Director / Producer / Writer / Editor / Videographer / Animator / Web Designer

2016 - Present | Monrovia, CA

  • Created production company for freelance illustration, graphic design, filmmaking, videography, and editing.

  • Currently filming documentary feature Amsel: Illustrator of the Lost Art, the culmination of over 15 years’ research into celebrated movie poster artist Richard Amsel (1947-1985), with over 60 interviews filmed throughout the country; refer to for more information.

  • Managed and directed a team of over 50 volunteers and contractors throughout all aspects of production, research, editing, animation (both hand-drawn and digital motion graphics), promotion, and fundraising campaigns through 501(c)(3) non-profit fiscal sponsor.



Project Manager, Digital Graphics & Effects / Key Art Localization

2021 - 2023 | Burbank, CA

  • Oversaw team of artists in the branding and localization of motion graphics for prominent entertainment franchises (including Wheel of Time and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power),ensuring effective collaboration between artists, account managers, and studio representatives in meeting project deadlines.

  • Designated project manager for Disney's key art localization, serving as studio’s “implant” with access to sensitive internal timelines, communications, and ongoing development of marketing designs and promotions.

  • Created and maintained team’s Confluence web page – a resource for artists to access client specs, internal guides, and video tutorials.



Key Art Designer / Intern

2021 | Remote

  • Worked under the tutelage of company founder, specializing in creating key art concepts and proposals for the entertainment industry.



Worldwide Onboarding Project Manager, Client Relations

2015 - 2020 | Burbank, CA

  • Orchestrated the physical and digital onboarding process for television SVOD clients worldwide, ensuring seamless integration from initial technical spec inquiries through final testing and program deliveries.

  • Facilitated communication and coordination between worldwide WB sales reps, clients, technical vendors, and service providers, enabling both sales and clients to use company’s DETE (automated digital end-to-end) and TOPS (manual) content ordering systems.

  • Point of contact for client and sales research requests of worldwide film & television assets, conducting preliminary research into studio’s extensive digital and physical libraries, and fielding subsequent granular research with mastering teams and outside vendors.

  • Created bi-weekly internal newsletter, enhancing team knowledge, accomplishments, trivia, and company culture.



Territory Manager for the Americas, UK, and Ireland / Worldwide Digital Art Project Manager

2013 - 2015 | Burbank, CA

  • Client-facing liaison to iTunes (then our largest digital film distributor), managing all end-to-end asset deliveries, promotions, title greenlights, and quality control actions for the Americas, United Kingdom, and Ireland.

  • Designated point person for studio's key art localization across all iTunes releases, implementing process workflows between internal WB marketing, design firms, worldwide licensees, and metadata vendors, so that each could better understand priorities, translate them into actionable steps for supply chain resources, and ensure the timely completion of all project deadlines.

  • Conducted extensive video tutorials to ensure every art asset met required specs, and were correctly uploaded into WB’s extensive digital archives.

  • Personally handled all art for The Warner Archive Collection’s digital releases, as well as any localized artwork “overflow” tasks when creative vendors could not meet required deadlines, or corrections (however extensive) had to be made.

  • My creative efforts resulted in several thousand dollars’ worth of cost-savings for the department.



Film and Digital Art Coordinator

2008 - 2013 | Burbank, CA

  • Personally conducted a comprehensive overhaul of the digital distribution team’s entire art archive, preparing new assets to replace or enhance art files within 10,000+ film and television library.

  • Managed domestic film and television artwork, working in close association with WB Home Video and DVD production, in providing customized images to top tier clients – including Apple iTunes, Microsoft XBOX, Sony, Netflix, Amazon, DirecTV, and more.

  • Oversaw metadata product management of film, mobile, and app releases, working with offshore vendors to ensure metadata integrity and meeting client distribution timelines.

  • Managed internal and client digital accounts for, WB’s online press and marketing resource.

  • Performed QC review of all The Warner Archive Collection’s physical MOD releases.



DVD Design & Localization Artist / QC Administrator (Contracted temporary placement via AppleOne)

2008 | Burbank, CA

  • Executed digital restoration of archived DVD menus, integrating localized translations into updated designs to ensure global compatibility and relevance – entailing extensive Photoshop work, and communication between metadata and design teams.

  • Provided support in DVD menu design and layout, and conducted meticulous frame-by-frame user experience quality control to uphold brand standards.



Business Development / Sales Assistant

2004 - 2008 | Burbank, Hollywood & Santa Monica, CA

  • Supported senior VPs of sales and feature services, catering to all post production services for television, with emphasis on the newly emerging markets of digital intermediates, as well as previews and dailies for feature films.

  • Developed and maintained extensive company sales database, tracking all major television production.

  • Prepared company presentation materials, press kits, budgets, post production schedules, expense reports, and corporate revenue flowcharts; made extensive “cold” sales calls, with regular follow through.



Admissions & Marketing Coordinator

2003 - 2004 | Tarzana, CA

  • Crafted and implemented innovative marketing strategies, including online campaigns and print advertisements, leading to a 15% increase in student enrollment within a five-month period, without adding to the college’s limited budget.

  • Engaged with prospective students – through direct outreach and a targeted, personalized approach – at high schools and career fairs across Southern California, contributing to the institution's enrollment objectives.



Post Production Coordinator

  1. - 2003 | Santa Monica, CA

  • Assisted the head of post production, serving as studio liaison in researching and interviewing post production service vendors throughout the Los Angeles area.

  • Managed weekly film status reports, coordinated global transfers of film elements, and organized talent screenings, maintaining efficient post-production workflows.



Sales Coordinator / Business Development Assistant

1998 - 2002 | Hollywood, CA

  • Developed and presented compelling sales proposals based on script analysis, directly influencing the acquisition of high-value contracts. In at least three instances, clients specifically cited my proposals as the deciding factor that closed the deals — films that each produced nearly a million dollars’ worth of revenue for the company.

  • Created and maintained an extensive global database to track film projects, enhancing the efficiency of cross-departmental communication and project management within 36 company infrastructure.

  • Streamlined administrative processes by preparing detailed sales revenue reports, project budgets, flowcharts, and support materials, while also contributing to company talent PR and educational outreach initiatives.

  • Initiated grant program of post production services for independent filmmakers; served as sound assistant for numerous student and short film projects; coordinated special sound seminar for the American Film Institute.

  • Administrative assistant to sales executives and the senior vice president of business development.



Assistant to the President 

1997 – 1998 | Hollywood, CA



Writer/Producers’ Assistant

1996 – 1997 | Hollywood, CA



  • Film and digital production, editing, videography and cinematography.

  • Traditional and digital illustration, animation, graphic design, art direction, photo editing/retouching, typography, layout, key art.

  • Extensive experience in Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, InDesign, and other Adobe creative and publishing software.

  • Introductory knowledge of Blender, Unreal Engine, SketchUp, and Flip Book.

  • Web design / digital UX and UI through WIX, Dreamweaver, and other software.

  • Marketing and sales strategies.

  • Developing creative campaigns through social media, as well as digital and printed marketing collaterals.

  • Archival and historical research.

  • Client administration; cross-functional coordination; global partnerships; design quality control.



  • Strong writing skills, including creative pitches, script notes, copy writing, editing, press releases, newsletters, and grant writing.

  • Published book author and produced podcast writer.

  • Received over 40 honors from screenwriting competitions and festivals.


  • Paris Games, Paris, France

  • Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, CA, USA

  • Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, CA, USA

  • POPzilla Gallery, Anaheim, CA, USA

  • Creature Features, Burbank, CA, USA

  • San Diego Comic Con, CA, USA

  • SugarMynt Gallery, South Pasadena, CA, USA


  • The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

  • Intrada Music

  • The Secret Movie Club Los Angeles

  • The Hollywood Reporter (online edition)

  • LA Weekly (online edition)

  • The Newport Beach Film Festival

  • The Academy for New Musical Theatre


  • FOUNDATION FOR THE JUNIOR BLIND, Los Angeles, CA.Volunteer Mentor. Summer 2003

  • THE BUCKS COUNTY PLAYHOUSE, New Hope, PA.Assistant Art Director, Stage Manager, and Set Designer. Summer 1995.

  • DAVID ROYLE PRODUCTIONS, INC., New York, NY.Intern.Winter 1995.

  • THE RUSHMORE FESTIVAL, Woodbury, NY.Assistant Stage Manager. Summer 1994.

  • HUDSON VALLEY FILM and VIDEO OFFICE, Poughkeepsie, NY.Intern. Winter - Spring 1994.

  • WPIX TELEVISION / TRIBUNE ENTERTAINMENT, New York, NY.Editing intern. Summer 1993.

  • TKR CABLE TELEVISION, Piscataway, NJ.Intern, Production Assistant, and Cameraman. 1991 - 1992.


Film Credits:


References available upon request

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